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Bratty BBW Missy Deep Goes To Fuck School

What happens to bad girls in this classroom? They get punished and spanked, of course. BBW sensation Missy Deep has come to learn how to give a blow-job properly but does not seem to have the enthusiasm an A+ student should have. Good thing for her; Professor AZP believes in sexual discipline. Watch as Missy’s bubble butt gets whacked rosy red, then fucked into oblivion by our bearded hero, AZ Pornstar. There is no eye-rolling, gum-chewing, or lack of attention in this place of higher learning. Only creampies, cock sucking, and big ass titties that will be bouncing to Professor AZ Pornstar’s sexual tune!

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MILF Evie And Amber Deep’s 3-Some Creampie

There is nothing sexier than two women in lingerie giving you a break from afternoon work by sitting on your face and your cock at the same time! Sexy MILF Evie and Curvy Alt Beauty Amber Deep were hanging out at my place while I was working when they decided to start playing with each other a little bit. I'll admit, I couldn't focus on my work as I was watching the two of them caressing each other. That's when they invited me to join for an amazing afternoon delight! They took turns sucking my cock - which felt amazing as I was in and out of their very, very talented mouths! When Amber went down on Evie, I started fucking Amber from behind and that's when things started to heat up. We swapped back and forth as I was switching between Amber's pussy and Evie's pussy. Then, I laid down and had Amber on my face while Evie rode my cock - it was absolute heaven! I changed things up a little and put them beside each other so I could fuck one while eating the other. If there is ever one position to try, it's that one! Finally, I stacked them on top of each other as I fucked them back and forth until I couldn't hold back and had to cum. Instead of my usual creampie, I pulled out and shot my cum on Evie's pussy and let it flow down across Amber's pussy! So fucking hot!!!

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Petite Leah Taylor Gets More Than A Massage

I knew I was in trouble when Leah Taylor showed up and asked for a massage. I start massaging her perfect body, then I'm rubbing her ass, and next thing you know, she is sucking my cock! With my cock deep in her throat, I reached over and fingered her dripping wet pussy. I couldn't take much more foreplay, so I spun her around and pounded her deep in doggy style. She was moaning and groaning. She begged me to fuck her harder, so I grabbed her neck and fucked her harder. Unrelenting, she jumped on my cock in reverse cowgirl (you'll love that shot of her pussy split open on my cock). But wait until you see the finish, when I dropped her on her back, split her legs open, and fucked her so hard before I pulled out and sprayed a giant load of cum all over her perfect tits!

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Curvy Tattooed Beauty Amber Deep Gets Creampied

Somewhere between a burlesque dancer and a suicide girl, you'll find curvy, tattooed beauty Amber Deep. She wanted one of my patented creampies between her delicate pink lips. But first, I would have my way with her. I warmed her pussy up with my tongue, then I spread her legs wide and dropped my dick in her so deep she was soon begging to be taken from the back. I'm not sure she was ready for the pounding I gave her. After a short break with her in cowgirl, I decided it was time to deliver on my promise. I hammered her little pussy home until I exploded right inside her. The cum oozing from her tight little slit was picture-perfect!

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Sensual And Seductive Sex With Katelyn Hatley

Katelyn is so sensual, her curves so elegant, her lips so soft, and her kiss so passionate. I return the favor by giving her pussy a nice long sucking, and I can feel her pussy dripping into my mouth with every stroke of my tongue. Before long, she drops my pants and starts sucking my rock-hard dick. Her tongue and lips deliver pure ecstasy. I can't stand much more of this teasing and push her to the bed so I can open her legs wide and tap her pussy with my cock. She takes a pounding so well, that I up the ante and get her to her knees so I can ride her plump ass in true dirty doggy style. I grab fistfuls of her long curly hair which make perfect reigns for my ride. She gives in so easily when she is being fucked hard. Finally after she cannot take any more, I let her ride on me cowgirl, as she rocks her hips so sensually. We end the fuck session as we started, with a kiss!

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Sexy Succubus Tessa Gets Creampied

Watch this horny little devil as she bends over so good for me to get fucked from behind. She has the perfect arch if you know what I mean. Then she jumps on top of me for a reverse cowgirl ride, burying my cock deep in her pussy. She is an expert at making your eyes roll into the back of your head. I had to hold back my load so hard. Then I had her switch to cowgirl because I really needed to feel up her perfect tits, perfectly sized for my greedy hands, perfect titties, and perfect nipples for twisting. Watch as I take her doggy for the second time, and before long, I flip her over so I can dick her down properly to deposit the picture-perfect pussy creampie!

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GILF Payton Hall Gets Covered In Cum

The beautiful blondes of Arizona come in many different shades - and ages for that matter! Payton Hall is one of those classy, sexy GILF's that all men dream of fucking! I get this beautiful grandma into every position possible - and she loves every moment of it. Doggystyle. Missionary. Cow Girl. She takes my cock as deep as she could on every single pump! I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was! I guess it really enjoyed some younger cock inside of it! As I got closer to the end, I got her on her back and unleashed a massive cumshot onto her tits and stomach! It was so hot watching this GILF play with my cum!

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Making Nikki James My Little Submissive Bitch

Nikki James knows she is a bitch because the crop I used to smack her ass and titties with says "BITCH" on it. I collared her and subjected her to lengths of tortuous bliss with my leather instruments. Then after she choked on my dick (making it as sloppy and wet as her pussy), I grabbed her leash and pounded her pussy to my heart's content. But the best part was stuffing her face into the mattress while I dropped my cock in her asshole and drilled her some more. Wait till you see how much cum I sprayed her with. She'll be a mess for days!

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Big Big Cherry, Pink Pink Pussy

During my erotic travels in 2023, a year that brought me my first AVN Award nomination, I again encountered the biggest “cherry” of them all, and she informed me that great big clit of hers just had to have another passion filled rub down with. AZ Pornstar. BBW always means more woman to love, and to fuck for that matter. AZ Pornstar presents: Big Big Cherry, Pink Pink Pussy. A hotel room encounter, during eXXXotica New Jersey. One that features curves, cock-sucking, and ass-twerking that ends in cherry creampie. Served just the way you like it!

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Katelyn Hatley is Thirsty for Cum

As soon as Katelyn got naked, revealing swirling tattoos, my eyes flowed from her supple tits to her voluptuous hips. Peering at me through her curls, I kissed her. She anxiously removed her fishnet lingerie and started deepthroating me. Soon she begged to be fucked, so I dicked her down doggy style for ten minutes. Her moans of pleasure echoed in the room. Untamed, she switched to cowgirl, rocking me with her voluptuous hips. Then I flipped her back down and ate her wet pussy before mounting her, forcing her knees back, and drilling her hard. My cumshot was a spectacular mess on her face!

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Sexy MILF Bree Austin Loves My Creampies

Bree Austin has made quite a few appearances in my scenes as she absolutely loves getting my creampies! She is an amazing MILF who has an insatiable appetite for cock - especially mine! In this sexy scene, Bree shows me once again what her silver tongue, slippery wet pussy and cunning charisma can really do! It's the best showcase of what sex with an older woman is like! And, when a model tells you that she loves the taste of your cock, you roll out the red carpet and get straight to the fucking!

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Baby Rachie’s Dream Cums True

I love when I get to fuck a fan! They watch my content week after week and dream about being on the receiving end of my massive cumshots! BBW Baby Rachie has always wanted one of my signature creampies and who am I to deny her? Watch this super sexy, big tit, fan fuck fest go down with a deepthroating blow job, hard pussy pounding from behind and one of the biggest creampies I've delivered to date! It literally explodes out of her pussy!

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Ginger’s Big Cock Sucking Surprise

Who doesn't like a surprise? Especially when it is as nasty and sticky as can be! In the final chapter of my Ginger McKay loan day trilogy, I proudly present Ginger’s Big Cock Sucking Surprise. She has no idea that I invited over a bunch of my friends so she could suck each one of them off before getting blasted in the face with their cum! But, the "icing" on this evening was the fact that I also invited her Sir to the blow bang as well as a way to say thank you from me and to make sure we got every bit of the submissive Ginger we could! Cum see how powerful Ginger’s deepthroat skills are and watch her stroke enough cock to satisfy the biggest cock sucking appetite!

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Massive Tit Cum Shot On Lyric Sky

When you want a happy ending massage, getting it from an the amazing MILF Kami Cameron is exactly what you want! This is the kind of massage we all want when we say "I need a massage"! Kami's skills are on full display - along with her ample tits and ass! This insatiable vixen knows exactly how to get a man oiled up and ready to release! Kami's deliberate hands and impromptu "nuru" massage technique are designed to melt your muscles and get the blood flowing to all the right places! Half way through the massage, I couldn't take the teasing anymore and I took control of Kami and make her beg for the "deep" body work she really wants!

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Anal Creampie Threesome With Sarah Love

When you want a happy ending massage, getting it from an the amazing MILF Kami Cameron is exactly what you want! This is the kind of massage we all want when we say "I need a massage"! Kami's skills are on full display - along with her ample tits and ass! This insatiable vixen knows exactly how to get a man oiled up and ready to release! Kami's deliberate hands and impromptu "nuru" massage technique are designed to melt your muscles and get the blood flowing to all the right places! Half way through the massage, I couldn't take the teasing anymore and I took control of Kami and make her beg for the "deep" body work she really wants!

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Kami Cameron’s Sensual Cock Massage

When you want a happy ending massage, getting it from an the amazing MILF Kami Cameron is exactly what you want! This is the kind of massage we all want when we say "I need a massage"! Kami's skills are on full display - along with her ample tits and ass! This insatiable vixen knows exactly how to get a man oiled up and ready to release! Kami's deliberate hands and impromptu "nuru" massage technique are designed to melt your muscles and get the blood flowing to all the right places! Half way through the massage, I couldn't take the teasing anymore and I took control of Kami and make her beg for the "deep" body work she really wants!

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Ginger McKay Shibari Bound

In Part 2 of this 3-Part series, I continue using Ginger McKay however I want since her Sir lent her out to me for the day! I know how much Ginger loves being tied up and so I have my friend John come over to tie her up and tease her a little bit! We get her all bound up with some beautiful Shibari before we use a variety of impact and pleasure toys on her - from a riding crop to her favorite purple dildo!

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Sensual Valentine’s Day Threesome

This is one of the most sensual sex sessions I've ever had. Delphi, Evie and I went out for the night and when we got home, we were all feeling a bit turned on. I leaned in to kiss Delphi and then did the same with Evie. I knew it was going to be an amazing night when we shared a very sexy three way kiss! This St. Valentine's Day Threesome includes amazing double blow jobs, face riding, titty kisses and a very big creampie at the end! Can you guess which pussy got it?

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The Arizona Checkered Sex Gang Bang

There is nothing hotter than fucking a big tit, blonde MILF with two of your BBC buddies! As I always say, sharing is caring! We met up with this amazing hot blonde wife to have a mini gangbang with her! It was so incredibly hot watching her get stuff every way possible! Whether she was riding cock or getting deep back shots, she loved every moment of this amazingly hot fuckfest! The ending was my favorite part as I stood over her and unleashed a massive amount of cum all over her face!

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AZPornstar’s Fantastic Foursome

Fellatio and Fucking is what makes up this ultra hot foursome scene! It was the best way for me to wake up from a nap - getting my cock sucked by the ever beautiful Evie. Little did I know that she had some help waiting just outside our bedroom! Both Delphi and Tessa join in on sucking cock, taking dick and playfully purring for my massive load! This scene starts off with one of the hottest POV shots of these beautiful women sucking my cock before jumping on top and riding it! Then, I stack all three of their beautiful pussies on top of each other and take turns fucking each of them - one by one! When I couldn't hold off any longer, I put all three of these beautiful women together, side-by-side, and unloaded my massive cumshot onto them! This was one of my most favorite ways to be woken up from an afternoon nap!

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Mirra’s Messy Squirting Sexcapade

The masked BBW Mirra is back for some more of my massive creampies! This time, she turned up the squirting to the max! No matter what position I had her in, she squirted and squirted, and made a complete mess of my bed! I couldn't help myself and pulled out a few times so I could get my face close to her beautiful pussy and make it squirt all over it! It was absolutely amazing! In the end, Mirra got exactly what she wanted - a MASSIVE creampie deep in that incredible pussy of hers!

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My Sweet Little Ginger Fuck Toy

I love when Ginger McKay's Sir lends her out for my pleasure! She's the perfect petite red-headed fuck toy! In this 1st part of a 3-part series, I start off my day with Ginger joining me in bed for an early morning fuck and creampie! She arrives dressed in a sexy little lingerie outfit that I couldn't resist. I made her wear it the entire time I fucked her! Feeling her tight, tiny pussy wrapped around my very hard morning cock was the perfect way to get the day started! Little did she know that I had an entire day planned for her including some rope bondage (Part 2) and a blow bang at the end of the night (Part 3)!

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One Threesome With Two Facials

What do you do when you have two beautiful women, fuck them every way possible and then they both want your cum?! It's not an easy decision - and I certainly didn't choose a favorite! In this scene, One Threesome With Two Facials, it all started with an amazing double blowjob and quickly took a turn towards kinky when Sexy Evie and Lily Lay strapped me to the bed and took turns riding my face and cock at the same time! After the finally let me free, I stacked both of their amazing pussies together and fucked them back and forth. But the ending was what they really wanted - to be covered in cum. I couldn't choose who was going to get my cumshot, so I decided to give it to both of them. You don't want to miss this ending!

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Keep on Hittin’ It With Rebel Rocker

What is the best way to take on a BBW with vast curves? With a big cock facial of course! Keep on Hittin’ It With Rebel Rocker is my first release of 2024! A bedroom encounter with few words spoken, with many “actions” filling in the gaps. Nasty actions and blow-job surprises are my confetti to be tossed around the AZP New Year's Party. Celebrating my passion for the babes and blow-jobs of the BBW world. When it “cums” to Rebel Rocker, I offer a festive sex-filled treat to begin my New Year Sex Resolution!

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Hot Wife Sarah’s Gangbang Send Off

They say that a film title says it all. Never have I found that to be truer than it is today when I release Hot Wife Sarah’s Gangbang Send-Off - her last XXX scene. A scene that will quickly get off your socks and your cocks, and one that I had the honor to be a part of! This blond babe is one of the most dynamic MILF performers who I have ever worked with. Perfect tits and ass. Perfect charm and charisma. This is a gangbang that you will never forget!

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Missy Deep Naughty Sex Toy Elf

Have you ever wondered who is it that makes the sex toys at the North Pole come Christmas time? What happens when a sexy elf does not meet her quota? Well, I may just have that answer for you when I take a deeper inspection myself in; Missy Deep The Naughty Sex Toy Elf. A gift that includes spankings, surprises, and steamy sexual adventures. All to help warm yourself down by the fire! If you love to flail in floggings, BDSM boundaries, and naughty, big tit elves who crave some kinky actions taken upon them to get back onto Santa’s “Nice” list. Well, then this is a gift you must treat yourself to “cum” Christmas Eve! You may find yourself all tied up and bound with one if you are not careful!

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Summer Dayze Big Booty Creampie

You know, if there is one thing I know the fans love, and I am partial to it as well, is the backside of the female talent that have made their way to the AZ Pornstar bedroom. Big butts, Big Tits, and Big loads that match the enormous amount of electricity that is created from one of most provocative alternate performers in the business. The scorching hot Summer Dayze. Feel the heat of this unique starlet as she stars in Summer Dayze Big Booty Creampie

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What a year this has been, and things are just going to get bigger, hotter, and more plentiful! Ruby Lynne, one of the most distinguished “Cougars” in XXX makes her way back onto the AZ Pornstar domain - and this time, she brought some friends because “three” is never a crowd with me! MILFS, Blow-jobs, tag-team sex, this production has it all ladies and gentlemen. I hope that you will take a trip with me and join the fun with Two DILFS and a MILF. A star-studded blow-out to end 2023 the way it should be with AZ Pornstar!

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Hot Wife Sarah’s Creampie Formal

Blond tips and pussy lips. Those are just a few offerings that Hot Wife Sarah brings to my ADULTS ONLY dinner table, and my, oh, my, am I cooking up a feast of fornication for this dinner date for my faithful following. In what looks to be her farewell tour, Sarah begins starts her goodbye to XXX world with a creampie encounter that has all the trimmings. Perfect skin and perfect tits do not accentuate enough detail as to what this sex kitten offers my dinner guests. So, get in line, prepare for Hot Wife Sarah’s Creampie Formal. A nasty sendoff that includes the mightiest proportions to feast upon!

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Evie’s Alluring Fetish Adventure

Turn the lights down low. Get your drool cups and ball gags ready, as I welcome you into my BDSM domain with the ever-so-willing Evie. This titillating adventure contain rosy red asses, bouncing boobs, and rough sex that is sure to please the darker side of kink within you. Open wide, something delicious is waiting for you to consume with me as Evie Opens Up to BDSM. The cum shot says it all people. Watch if you are willing, and I hope that you are!

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Heather Grey’s Gonzo Squirting Session

Let me introduce you to Heather Grey. An inked XXX newbie who has a performance surprise that is going to get you hard, wet, and everything in between. This Gonzo sex session “cums” complete with a creampie at the end, and enough kink to last you the rest of 2023. Pierced clits, natural tits, and a performance style that will leave more than sweat dripping from your brow. Indulge in my latest adult film fantasy Heather Grey’s Gonzo Squirting Session!

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Sammy Synz Formal Fornication

I “came” for my computer, but, I ended up leaving a hell lot more with BBW beauty Sammy Synz. Swollen clits, dicks, and “ginger” landing strips highlight my latest XXX production titled; Sammy Synz Formal Fornication. Ink, ass, and magic tits. If that is not the perfect witches brew after a delightfully delicious Halloween, I do not know what is. If you love a bit of story with your creampies, then this is the AZPornstar scene for you!

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Missy Deep’s BBW Vampire Treat

Vampires love the taste of flesh, as they should. AZPornstar celebrates Halloween week with a festive treat that contains BBW babes, big tits, and huge asses in Missy Deep’s BBW Vampire Treat. The latest release from AZP, right in time for something sweet while you trick or treat. Missy Deep has graced the AZP filmography anals before, and we love having this AVN Award Nominated “Mattress Actress.” Prepare for big cocks, big thrills, and sexual submissions that will make you cum faster than anything that goes “bump” in the night

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Daisy Foxxx’s Lavish, Lingerie Creampie

Let me welcome you to an Interracial love fest that has a little bit of everything. Lingerie, creampie, and the hottest caramel-colored nipples that you have seen west of the Mississippi. I love all shades of pussy, and what better month to showcase the hottest Native MILF in the XXX world today. Pull up a seat at the table. Get ready for a sexual feast that will make you “cum” back for seconds. Get your appetites ready for Daisy Foxxx’s Lavish, Lingerie Creampie

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Pull Out On Lovely Lo

There is no such thing as a “close call” with AZPornstar, or is there? To continue the kinky rapport I have been building with my fans, AZPornstar Studios proudly presents Pull Out On Lovely Lo. A steamy Arizona encounter with Colorado’s favorite bisexual brat Lovely Lo. An encounter that I “pulled out” just in the nick of time. Leaving Lovely Lo painted with a creamy AZ sunrise surprise if you get my drift!

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MILF Kami Cameron Swallows My Load

The seductive, Kami Cameron, interrupts AZP’s game to play a different kind of ball. Starting with a sensual Blow-job, the tension builds. After Kami mounts AZP like the cowgirl she is, she sticks her tongue out for her cum shot reward that only the most naughty of MILFs receive in the world of AZPornstar. Hard dicks, hard nipples, and clits, with everything in between!

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Missy Deep’s Intimate Session

Let me tell you what the perks of being a photographer are. In the AZPornstar world, it leads to a lot of close encounters, of the sexual kind that is. Join me for a freaky fuck session as Missy Deep “cums” over to play at the AZPornstar studios in Missy Deep’s Intimate Session. She came over for photos, she is leaving with something she will remember alright. This BBW Point Of View features big tits, massive booties, and a memory frozen in time that Missy Deep and the AZPornstar faithful will sot soon never forget!

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AZ Rose And Sarah Love Gangbang Fun

I wanted to end September with a “bang” for my fans. Literally! Within the AZPornstar film vault, I have been saving the tastiest slices of creampie for a special occasion. XXX vixens Sarah Love and Arizona lead an all-star gangbang that features everything from a four cock facial to deepthroating action that must be seen to be believed. We like to keep things scorching hot out here in the Arizona desert and this kinky group proves it so. If you love ink, curves, cocks, and cum. Then you have arrived in the right place with AZPornstar and my gangbang spectacular!

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Bree Austin’s Creampie Desire

Romance is definitely in the air when new starlet Bree Austin decides to spend some quality time with me in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure. Prepare for heat-filled action so hot it should come with a fire extinguisher. Bree’s fornicating fantasy “cums” complete with creampies, lingerie, and the most sensual sex. Wrapped up for you with one of the most visually striking presentations within the AZPornstar brand! Oral that is mixed with a little ovulation stimulation. Look deep into a delectable desire that includes MILFs, Baldness, and Beards. Come on, you know you wanna watch!

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Evie’s Chocolate Fusion

A smile is worth a thousand words! Just check out the grin on sexy Evie’s face that welcomes you to the latest production from everyone’s favorite bald and bearded stud. I proudly present my most titillating trifecta yet! My favorite unsung swordsman ChocolateBeast returns, “cumming” over to play at the AZP studio. Adding his signature chocolate fusion into a threesome that you will not soon forget. Creampie, hair pie, tits, and ass. It’s all the same kind of icing on the cake when friends get together to tag-team some pussy. Join us for a slice why don’t you?

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Lily’s Bound Squirting Session

Some have been known to call me the bald and bearded pussy assassin, and, to start September off with a bang. I have my sights set on the most delicious of nectars. Join me, and kinky catch Lily Lay for a squirt-filled adventure that will make any cock stand firm at attention. A kinky-coo for the sexually depraved. Complete with orgasms that are restrained, auditory and drenching. A scene wet enough to topple even the stiffest of dick-tators. This is a fetish encounter that should not be put on hold by anyone. Especially fans whose favorite toys of play just happen to those that jiggle, finger, and vibrate!

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Big Big Cherry’s Dreams Cum True

I would like to welcome you to my “cherry” soiree. Whether lingerie or pussy, this bearded stud aims to show Latina BBW sensation Big Big Cherry that “cherry" dreams do indeed cum true. Starting out with a big booty tease, that leads to a heavenly blow-job that is served up to be as sweet as the cherry on top of a XXX creampie sundae. Dirty talk, doggy, and massive derrieres are all the sugar that you will need in this tasty porn star treat that I like to serve up creampie à la Mode!

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Doggystyle With Alt Slut Karlee

Watch this kinky scene when Karlee nuzzles up to me, breathing in my scent which drives her wild! She rolled over and got some much needed belly rubs! Karlee finally gets what she's been wanting - a creampie filling in her tiny pussy! Afterwards, she was an extra good girl and licked my dick clean. She really knows how to treat her master!

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Sunday Movie Popcorn Surprise Threesome

When Evie and Kami decided to go out shopping for the day, I figured I could rub one out and relax until they got home. Just as I started to get into it, both of these beautiful ladies walked back through the door - having apparently finished their shopping a bit early! I have no idea what I was thinking but I quickly changed what was on the screen and because my dick was too hard to put back in my pants, I figured I would hide it in the bag of popcorn I had! That's when girls came over to see what I was watching and decided to share my popcorn. As Kami reached in, she discovered that there was more than just popcorn in the bag and clued Evie in on my secret. Luckily, they both love popcorn and cock - so they removed the bag and spent the new few minutes cleaning all of the salt and butter off my dick. This turned them on so much that they then took turns riding my cock and letting me fuck them any way I wanted until I couldn't hold back any longer and shot a huge load onto both of their faces! That was far better than anything I was going to watch that Sunday afternoon!

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Sexy Slut Makes A Squirting Mess

This sexy slut needed a quick fuck before heading to work. She wasted absolutely no time getting my dick in her mouth! She really knew how to use that tongue of hers! I wrapped my mouth around her tits and gave them some kisses and squeezes. Her pierced nipples were so addicting! I went in and started licking her pretty pussy, eating her out and make sure she was enjoying it. She gave me soft moans and that only made me want more! I slipped my fingers in and her moaning grew louder - she begged for more, for me to go harder. She was is a slut! I had no more time to waste and got my dick deep inside her. We stayed in missionary for some nice deep fucking. I loved watching her titties bounce as I pounded her tight little pussy. She rubbed her clit to match my speed and eventually she couldn't stop squirting! There was so much! She made a mess all over me, her and the damn bed. It was so fucking hot I couldn't keep it in anymore and came inside her! This was the best quickie ever!

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Surprise Hotel Visit By Sexy Nurse Jenn

When this sexy nurse found out I was only in town for 1 night, she didn't waste any time coming over! She showed up to my hotel room wearing nothing but high heels and a jacket which was hiding sexy red lingerie underneath! She ripped the jacket right off and had my cock in her mouth within 2 minutes of walking through the door! She really knew how to deepthroat my cock, so I returned the favor and went down on her before I fucked her. Her pussy was super tight and she loved it from behind. Her toes were curling while taking my cock deep inside of her. I gave her such a huge creampie that it shot right out of her pussy!

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Housewife Kami Gets A Kitchen Creampie

I had a LONG and EXHAUSTING day at work, and didn't think anything could make it better - but I was wrong! When I got home, my beautiful MILF housewife was already cooking dinner and had my favorite cocktail ready! I told her about my bad day and she said she would love to try and make it better! She had such a cute apron on and to my surprise when she turned around, she had nothing but lingerie on underneath it! This drove me absolutely CRAZY! She was eager to help me have a better day and she dropped to her knees. She took my cock into her mouth for such a nice soft blowjob. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes while putting my cock between her big tits. I couldn't take it any longer and told her to lean over the counter. I slid into her already wet, tight pussy. She moaned and begged for more while I took her from behind. At one point, I pulled her hair for leverage and you could hear the loud clapping we were making! She begged for me to make her cum - she was such a good whore for me! Since she was making dinner for me, I decided I would make dessert for her and gave her a massive creampie. I couldn't ask for a better wife!

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My Submissive Kitty Gets A Good Fucking

I couldn't keep myself away from my submissive kitty Stella! I always love eating her out because she tastes so good! But I was more than eager to get my cock inside of her - so I started with her on her back with nice, slow strokes! Like a good girl, she took my cock into her mouth so she could taste herself off me! I then flipped her over to get her into doggystyle and hit that beautiful ass from behind! I absolutely love watching it bounce with every hard thrust! What made her even wetter was when I wrapped my hands around her throat and pulled her towards me with every deep stroke from behind! Since Stella loves getting covering in cum, I flipped her back over, had her push her beautiful tits together and I came all over her chest! The most gorgeous thing is seeing all of my cum all over her body!

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Pierced Goth Rave Slut Gets A Creampie

This goth rave slut came over to pickup tickets to some festival. When I found out she didn't come with enough cash for them, we had to figure out another form of payment! She is tatted and pierced everywhere! Her pussy was tight and her big tits were nice and soft, but her mouth was even softer. I forgot how good a pierced tongue feels on my cock! She started creaming on my dick almost immediately and let me fuck her in just about every position. I wonder if she cleaned the creampie out before heading to the festival?

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Morning Wood Leads To Endless Squirting

Take a shot every time this sexy woman squirts! Haha! I woke up with some morning wood and luckily for me, this gorgeous girl was in my arms! She was so soft and warm! Who wouldn't be excited to have a Sunday morning with a beautiful naked woman! I had to start this morning off right and wake her up with some soft sensual kisses on her body. Moving my lips down to her pretty pussy and giving it a taste. She tasted so damn good and she was already so wet for me so I went in and started fucking her nice and slow in missionary! She accepted with the biggest smile on her face! I sped things up with some good ole doggy style. Getting in those deep strokes into her, holding her throat for leverage and going faster with every moan of hers! I was getting deep as fuck in her and you can really tell how much she loved it! She got creamy as fuck for me! We did a butterfly position and she started squirting on my dick, it was so damn sexy. We switched positions to missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. I got so deep in her each time and she kept squirting over and over and over again! By the end of it she was shaking and scratching down my back. She begged me to cum and when I did I came on her beautiful tits. This was the best way to start off my Sunday! I'm sure she will be thinking about this all day!

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Hot Threesome And Steamy Shower Sex

I let Evie and Angel use my bed to rest because they said they were tired. I was a total gentleman and gave them their privacy ... until I heard moaning coming from the room! I listened outside the door for a moment before quietly opening the door to see what was going on. Watching these two beautiful women grind their pussies got me so turned on that I couldn't help jerking off while watching them scissor each other! When they caught me watching, I thought I was in trouble - until they invited me to joining them! I fucked Evie from behind for a bit until Angel invited me to join them in the shower since she needed to clean up before going home to her husband. While I fucked each of them, doggystyle while standing up, the other would lick their clit at the same time. It was super fucking hot and I could barely hold myself back! When I was ready to cum, I asked which one wanted it inside of them and unloaded a massive creampie!

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Classy MILF Begs For A Dick Down

Who knew this classy lady would be such a slut in the bedroom? Well, I certainly found out personally when this beautiful MILF named Bunnie came around! She didn't hesitate to get down and dirty with a nice sensual, sloppy blowjob. She loved having cock in her mouth and I loved feeling the back of her throat - she was definitely no stranger to wrapping her mouth around a dick! I ushered her onto her back to get inside of her. She was already so wet, it was such a turn on!! She was so vocal with her demands of being fucked harder! We tried so many positions so I could pound her pussy deep and she LOVED when I smacked that ass of hers! I grabbed her neck tightly while thrusting into her at one point and it gave me the perfect leverage! She hopped on top in reverse cowgirl and took a bit of control, she couldn't help but touch herself while I was deep inside her! Finally i was ready to cum after a good pounding in doggy and I gave her a massive creampie just where she wanted it! I made a huge mess of her pussy and of course, being the classy gentleman I am, cleaned it up with my mouth! She had a huge grin on her face while i was eating that wet pussy out to finish her off!

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Sensual Threesome With A Creampie Ending

Bree and I were out when we started chatting with this sexy brunette, Evie, with the perkiest tits. Bree wasn’t shy and told her up front about how she’d love to watch me fuck her. We didn't waste any time getting back to my place and we were immediately all over each other. Evie immediately started to sensually ride my rock-hard cock whilst Bree and her played with each other’s juicy big boobs! Bree played with her clit as Evie gyrated on my throbbing fat cock, moaning in pleasure as her dripping pussy was filled deep. Things got wilder as Bree started to eat her out as I fucked her. Tonguing her pussy and my balls feeling the huge load of cum I was going to shoot inside her. Bree couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to ride my gigantic cock and feel that pleasure in her soaked pussy, feeling the Evie’s juices all over my cock as she slid on to it. They were both desperate for my cum so they decided to share it! I fucked Evie deep from behind doggy style, thrusting into her pussy, hearing her moan in ecstasy whilst Bree sucked on her clit from below. As I thrust harder, my cock pulsed thicker and deeper, and I squirted my huge load of hot cum inside her. Leaving her with a massive hot sticky cream pie inside her to drip out for Bree to lick clean with absolute delight!

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AZ Rose Deepthroats And Gets A Creampie

Arizona Rose is a curvy, tattooed MILF with a very tight pussy! I start by sucking her huge, pierced tits, which really gets her going. She shows off her blowjob skills, as she deepthroats all of my dick immediately. With my cock all the way down her throat, she licks my balls and shakes her head back and fourth - a skill for the most talented cocksuckers! I start fucking her from behind and she immediately starts creaming on my dick. For such an amazing slut, her pussy was super tight! I felt her cum on my dick 3 or 4 times and when I came, her pussy just ate it up! I shot my load so deep in her, barely any cum dripped out!

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Hotwife Mirra Thanks Me For A Creampie

Mirra is a curvy masked hotwife swinger that loves fucking pornstars! She reached out to me and promptly traveled to shoot a scene with while her husband watched. Her only requirement was that I saved a big load to cum inside of her. Within minutes of meeting, I played with her big tits and she started deepthroating my cock. Her mouth was super soft and got my dick sloppy as hell. Once she was soaking wet from gagging on my cock, I fucked her from every position imaginable. She preferred reverse cowboy and doggystyle. She even brought in her favorite vibrator to cum one final time. You can hear how wet she was as she came all over my dick. She thanked me for giving her a creampie and went back home to her husband. No doubt this traveling slut will back more!

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Lunchtime Quickie With A Huge Creampie

I got a text from Shyla telling me that she's been distracted at work all morning because all she can do is think about my cock inside of her and wants to know when we can get together and fuck again. Turns out that her office is right around the corner from my place, so I tell her to come over on her lunch break so we can turn her thoughts into reality and get to fuck again! 15 mins later, she shows up and my door and we quickly make our way to the bedroom and she immediately gets my cock down her throat! I then get her on all fours and fuck her super wet pussy doggy style before flipping her onto her back and cumming deep inside her! Once I was done, I toss her clothes back to her and told her to get back to work. She had no choice but to take my creampie with her - which slowly made it's way back out of her while she was trying to finish work for the day!

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Hot After Date Sex With Stunning MILF

I love older women. They know what they want, they aren't shy about going after it and their years of experience makes everything so much better! Kami and I met up for an afternoon lunch date and I could tell, almost immediately, that she wanted more than food and casual conversation with me. When the bill came, she quickly paid it, grabbed my hand and we headed back to my car. Once we got in, she told me that we should go back to my place for a little bit. The moment we walked through the door, she asked me where the bedroom was and took me right to it. She started touching me everywhere and before I knew it, my pants were off and I was laying on the bed while she crawled on top of me. She gave me an amazing blowjob before climbing on top and riding my cock. I got her on all fours and fucked her doggy style before flipping her over and unloading all over her MILF tits! The best part was that she cleaned up all of the leftover cum from my cock with her mouth once I was done!

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Nataliya Crimson Gets Surprise Facial

Nataliya has been following me on Twitter for a while and we couldn't align our travel dates in order to make a scene happen - but then the AVN Show happened and I flew the short flight to Las Vegas to meet up with Nataliya in her hotel room. Once I got there, we stripped naked right away and she began sucking my dick. Her blowjob skills were amazing and had me so turned on that I flipped her over so I could feel her pussy. I got her into doggy and shoved my cock so deep inside her that she kept pulling away every time I hit her cervix! Once I was ready to cum, I made her think I was going to creampie her but instead, I pulled out and gave her a surprise facial - and she loved it!

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Big Tit Blonde Gets Tied And Creampied

Aurora has always had a fantasy of having rope tied against her body and then being fucked and creampied after. Lucky for her, tying rope, fucking and giving massive creampies are just a few of the things I'm very good at! This scene starts off with me slowly tying a rope chest harness around her big, beautiful tits. As soon as I finished, that's when the fun began! She sucked my cock, getting it nice and wet, then I went down and ate her sweet tasting pussy until I could feel the wetness dripping out of her and onto my beard! That's why I fucked her every way I could until I dumped a massive creampie inside her amazing pussy!

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Hot Sensual Sex After Dinner Date With Incredible Blonde

Angel Ann and I went out to dinner but came home to have dessert! In this extremely sensual scene, Angel Ann and I really connected. I wound up giving her multiple orgasms - some of them so intense that she could barely function after! At one point, I decided to let a little bit of my dominance show - so I grabbed my tie and used it around her neck to hold her while I fucked her tiny pussy from behind. Every time I pushed my cock inside her, I could feel her pussy tighten around it like it never wanted to let go! While I didn't want the night to end, I realized that giving her so many orgasms had worn her out, I buried my cock deep insider her until I came so hard and filled her completely!

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BBW Redhead Gets Pussy Filled With Cum

I met this chubby little redhead in Vegas on a quick trip there and I'm glad I did. She sucks cock like none other! She knows exactly how to use her mouth and tongue to make it feel absolutely unreal! During this quick scene, she had me pound her pussy hard - from the front and the back - until I gave her an absolutely massive creampie! Her tight pussy held onto it until the very end when it all came gushing out!

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Petite Curly Haired Redhead With Fake Tits Gets Creampied

Madalynn Moon is a gorgeous, petite redhead with an insatiable appetite for sex! In this sensual scene, she wanted to give me a little bit of a challenge before I got to feel how amazing her pussy was. She had a lock on her bra and panties and made me get the key to unlock them before I could remove them! Once off, she used her mouth to give me an amazing blow job then used her vibrator to make her tight little pussy squirt! Not able to hold myself back, I got her on her back and slid my cock right in and it was absolutely amazing! After dominating her in a few different positions, I got her back onto her back and unloaded a massive creampie inside of her! As it dripped out of her, she played with and even tasted it!

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Getting Snatched And Fucked By An Alien

I don't talk about my alien experience much but I figured it was time to actually share it. I got ready for bed one night and as soon as I turned off the lights, I heard weird sounds and lights started flashing. The next thing I know, I've been transported to a spaceship and am lying on a table. I can't move. I can't speak. Then this sexy little Alien appears and starts to examine my body. As she put my cock in her mouth, she would have vivid visions of what it could do to her. So, she decided to use my cock for her pleasure and fuck her little alien fuck hole until I gave her a massive load of cum. As just as quickly as it started, I was transported back to my bed. It felt like a dream but I know it really happened!

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Huge Creampie For Hot Wife Sarah

This scene with Hot Wife Sarah is one of my favorites. Before I get on the bed with her, she plays with her pussy to get it nice and wet! After I join her, I start sucking on her beautiful tits before going down to taste her amazing pussy. We start off nice and slow so she can feel every stroke of my cock inside her. Then I flip her over and fuck her doggystyle for a bit before we lay on our sides as I continue to fuck her from behind. Once I got her back into missionary, I couldn't hold myself back anymore and unleashed a huge load of cum into her pussy - with some of it squirting out as I continued to fuck her!

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Valentines Day Revenge Fuck And Creampie

They say that the best form of revenge is getting fucked and creampied - at least that's what I told Missy after she got dumped on Valentine's Day! I started by slowing caressing her before pulling out her massive tits and sucking on them. Then, I had her suck my cock before I fucked her tight pussy. In the end, I gave her a massive creampie!

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The Night I Had A Super Hot Threesome With Two Big Tit MILFs

These two amazingly hot women not only wanted me to play with them, but they wanted to play with each other as well! I started things off by having both of them take turns sucking my cock before I decided to pleasure them both at the same time - fucking one while eating out the other! After I stacked them on top of each other so I could fuck one pussy and then use the other one right after! The ending was the hottest part though! I had these two sexy ladies in a 69 position - Angel in doggystyle while Evie was underneath. As I fucked Angel, Evie ran her tongue over my balls and cock until I came deep inside Angel. After I pulled out, Angel pushed all of that hot cum right onto Evie's big tits!

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Fucking A Bubbly Blonde While At A Party

Shyla and I met at a party and she kept hinting that she wanted to find a quiet room where she could suck my cock. So we snuck away from everyone and I pulled out my cock so I could feel her mouth. Let me tell you, she knows how to suck it just right so that you'll want to stay there all day with her lips wrapped around your dick! The best part is that sucking cock makes her pussy extremely wet and when you slide into it, it's unbelievably tight too! She rode my cock so hard that she had multiple orgasms - and a super strong one that almost made her pass out! At that point, she didn't care who heard us. I was going to give her a facial but she begged me to fill up her pussy - and so I did - with a massive creampie!

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Bree Austin Enjoys Another Creampie

After watching my content for a while and then deciding to come visit me for her own creampie, Bree Austin is back again for another huge load! She loves my cock so much that she couldn't stop sucking it! Then again, her mouth feels amazing and I didn't want her to stop either! After fucking her throat for a little bit, I got her flat on her stomach and fucked her from behind - making her pussy super wet and extra creamy! This time, she wanted me to creampie her while she was riding me and, to my surprise, hopped off and cleaned up all the cum that dripped out onto my cock and stomach! Bree is one of my favorite fans and I'm excited to have her back in really soon!

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Alt Slut Makes A Huge Mess When She Squirts All Over My Bed

Heather Grey is amazing! Not only does she give an incredible blow job but her pussy can take a pounding and still want more! I was excited to get her into my bed for this scene because I had a feeling our chemistry would be unreal - and I wasn't wrong! She got herself so incredibly turned on while giving me a blow job that, when I turned her around, her pussy was literally dripping wet! I played with her stringy pussy juice before pushing my cock deep inside her! As we began fucking, I could feel her getting wetter and wetter - so I flipped her over to see if I could get her to squirt. And boy did she squirt! Her squirting pussy soaked both me and my bed! I was so turned on by this - especially because I love squirting so much - that I couldn't hold back and dumped a huge load of cum inside her! It was so fucking amazing that I can't wait to do it again!

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Submissive Pet Play Gets My Little Kitten A Creamy Facial

Stella is my little submissive kitten. She'll do anything I want and knows just how I like it! In this scene, she played the part of a cute little kitten - complete with the ears, eyes and that adorable little nose! She got on all fours and promptly put my cock in her mouth - sucking it and licking it like the good girl she is! That's when I turned her around and fucked my little submissive kitten's pussy hard so she could have orgasm after orgasm. When it was my turn to cum, I turned her around and gave her a nice little facial that she could clean off of her self!

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MILF Aurora Gets First Ever Double Penetration

Aurora wanted to do something big for her 40th birthday. It's been a fantasy of hers for a long time and she wanted to celebrate being 40-years young in the best way possible - getting fucked by two cocks at once! So I called my friend to come over for the fun. Both he and I got our cocks sucked by Aurora as we took turns fucking her pussy until she was ready to get double penetrated! That's when her masquerade mask came off, she climbed on top of me and my buddy slid his cock into her ass. Her face and the noises she made said it all! We fucked her a few different ways before my buddy and I came inside both her ass and her pussy! It's a birthday Aurora won't soon forget!

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Big Boob BBW Missy Deep Gets Cum Delivery

As a side gig, I deliver packages to people. When Missy answered the door to get her package delivery, she couldn't hold back her massive tits from accidentally popping out. Now, as a tit guy, I just had to feel them! That's when she invited me in to get a better feel of her tits - and her tight pussy! I only had a little time before I had to move on to my next delivery, so I made sure to fuck her hard and fast before delivering my cum into her pussy! I wonder how many days in a row I can deliver something to Missy before my manager gets suspicious

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MILF Evie Gets Dominated Hard By Queen Cee And AZPornstar

Queen Cee loves to dominate women! So I had her come over and we used Sexy Evie together. First, Queen Cee started by playing with Evie's pussy with her mouth and a small dildo. Then she flipped her over and spanked her with a flogger to get her ass nice and red. Once Evie's ass was warmed up, Queen Cee flipped her over and shoved a massive dildo into Evie's tight pussy to stretch it out. After that, Queen Cee strapped the dildo on herself and began fucking Evie from behind while I shoved my cock down Evie's throat. We changed positions a few times - Evie eating Queen Cee while I fucked Evie, Queen Cee eating Evie while I fucked Queen Cee and then I had Evie ride my face while Queen Cee rode my cock. In the end, I fucked Evie until I was ready to cum and then made Queen Cee jerk me off onto Evie's face and chest!

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MILF Aurora Gets Her Tight Pussy Creampied

Aurora Boobealis is new to the world of adult content and came over to get cummed in! After teasing my cock with a slow and sensual blow job, I got her on all fours and spread her tiny pink pussy so I could fuck her doggystyle. After, I had her get on top and ride me so I could have her amazing DD tits in my face while she rode my cock. When I could feel my balls full of cum, I flipped her over and unloaded a massive creampie deep inside her pussy. She loved this scene so much that she'll be coming back often to get more of my cock and cum!

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Roommate Mila Gets Surprised And Fucked

My roommate Mila thought I had left for the day, so she turned on some girl-on-girl porn in the living room and started to play with herself. What she didn't know was that I was upstairs and when I heard the noise, I decided to see what was going on. As I walked into the living room, Mila had her amazing pussy out for me to see as she used her vibrator! My cock started getting hard, so I decided to jerk if off quietly while she continued to masturbate. However, I accidentally knocked over a water bottle and surprised Mila who, at first, was shocked to see me, but once she saw my cock in hand, she decided to see how it felt in her mouth and her pussy. Before going back to my room, I unloaded a massive amount of cum inside of her!

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MILF Evie Gets A Cum Facial After A Hard Fuck

Sexy Evie was a good little cum slut in this scene! She came dressed up in cute lingerie only to have her mouth used hard until she gagged and drooled all over it! Once I got her into the doggy position, I pulled her hair hard and buried my cock deep inside her pussy - and she enjoyed every moment of it too! When I felt my balls full of cum, I flipped her on her back and shot a huge load right onto her face! It was what any good little cum slut would want!

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Petite Redhead Sage Fox Gets Face Full Of Cum

Sage Fox is a sexy, petite little red head who's pussy grips like no other! After I pull out her tiny tits, she gives me a sloppy, wet blowjob. With her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she sucks my cock, I flip her on her back and stuff my dick deep inside her. Her pussy gripped my cock so tight, I almost came after a few strokes! Once I got myself off the edge of cumming, I fucked her from behind - but her pussy was even tighter this way and I couldn't hold myself back much longer! I flipped her back over and unloaded an absolutely huge cumshot right onto her face! To say that she was shocked at how much cum there was is an understatement!

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Real Life Swinger Wife Gets Pussy Creampied

This real life swinger wife told me that she would watch all my creampie videos and fantasize about having her pussy filled as well! When she finally came to visit, I made that fantasy a reality! Her blowjob skills were amazing and her ass was the softest I've ever felt ... but her pussy was absolutely amazing! It gripped my cock so much that I knew it was going to be so easy for me to unload a massive creampie inside of her! At one point, while fucking her from behind, I could feel the need to breed her get stronger - that's when I flipped her over and fucked her until I came!

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Sexy Kendra Lynn Is Bound, Gagged And Fucked

When I came into the bedroom, I found Kendra Lynn tied up, both her hands and her feet, and her mouth was taped over. I couldn't resist pushing her to the floor, taking the tape off her mouth and shoving my cock down her throat. In the end, I knew I wanted to dump my massive load right onto her tongue, but I wanted to feel her tight, hairy pussy first - so I bent her over the bed and fucked her from behind until it was time for me to cum. When I did, she eagerly dropped back to her knees and took my entire load right into her mouth!

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Sexy MILF Evie Interrupts Game And Gets Facial

While I was playing video games one afternoon, Evie decided to put on some lingerie and seduce me into fucking her. She looked hot as fuck when she came around the corner, but I was right in the middle of a tournament and couldn't just stop playing. Since I chose to play the game instead of fucking her, Evie decided to seduce me instead. She took my cock out and starting sucking it before sliding it inside of her as she road me in a reverse cowgirl position. I tried so hard to concentrate on playing my game, and was doing well, until she turned around and rode my cock while putting her beautiful tits right into my face. Needless to say, I didn't last long and she hopped off my cock and jerked me off right onto her face!

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Four All Natural And Sexy Women Get A Creamy Facial Surprise

These 4 gorgeous ladies spent a weekend shooting content with me and a few other creators. As we wrapped everything up, we decided to give them a fun, little send off. We lined them up, told them they would have a few cocks to suck on but didn't tell them what they would get in the end - so they were definitely surprised when we gave them creamy facials!

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MILF Bree Austin Fucked Hard And Creampied

Bree Austin is an AZPornstar fan! She would watch huge load after huge load get pumped into the pussies on my channel and decided she needed one for herself! When she got into the studio, she warned me that her pussy was tight - and she wasn't joking! I put her in a few different positions - even one she had never experienced before - until I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I filled her pussy with so much cum that it came gushing out before I could get off of her! Needless to say, she left very happy and has already set dates aside to come back for more!

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BBW Missy Deep Gets Spanked And Flogged

During one of our scenes together, Missy Deep got bratty with me - so I decided to film her punishment. I brought out a few of my favorite toys for this scene and used them on both her ass and huge tits! In the end, she left with a very red ass and the understand that she wouldn't be bratty with me again during our next shoot together

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Petite Redhead Ginger McKay Used As Fuck Toy

Ginger McKay is a good little whore. When her Sir loans her out, her only job is to fill the balls and then drain them. In this scene, I got to use Ginger as my personal fuck toy. I used her mouth hard with my cock and then fucked her tight little cunt before finishing with a huge load straight down her throat. The best part was that she wasn't allowed to have an orgasm until I got mine. I love using little fuck toys like Ginger for my own pleasure! Thank you Sir for loaning out your good little piece of fuck meat!

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Bambi Oceans Gets Creampied In Her Tiny Pussy

Bambi Oceans is a tall, skinny beauty with a pussy so tight, it practically pulls the cum out of you! And in this scene, she did just that! Her blow job skills were absolutely amazing. After sucking my cock, I fucked her while she was on her side and the POV of watching her pussy cream all over my cock as I fucked her was so hot! She wanted to ride me for a bit and I wound up making her squirt - something that hasn't happened for her from penetration! Fucking her doggystyle is what made me want to cum in her pussy so badly though - feeling how deep I could go from behind wasn't helping me last very long. In the end, I filled up her pussy with so much cum that it just kept flowing out of her!

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Evie And Tessa In Hot 3-Some Get Creampied

I have to admit ... this scene was fucking hot! It was supposed to be a girl girl shoot that I was the camera man for. However, as I watched Evie and Tessa lick each other's pussy, I could feel my cock getting rock hard! Before I knew it, I was fucking both of them! At one point, I had Evie riding my face with Tessa riding my dick. I couldn't believe it. At the end of it, I shot a massive creampie into Evie's pussy as Tessa licked her clit!

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Sexy Kendra Lynn Gets Hairy Pussy Creampied

In this scene, Kendra Lynn gets her pussy used hard after giving a sloppy and wet blow job. She rides my cock for a bit before I fuck her from behind. However, the best part of the video is the creampie I unload in her hairy pussy at the end. It was absolutely massive!

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BBW Missy Deep With Huge Tits Gets Creampied

If you love BBW, then you'll love Missy! She has the biggest tits I've ever put my hands on! Holy fuck! Her H-Cup tits are amazing! In this video, as she's sucking my cock, she tells me that her pussy is really tight. She wasn't kidding! Her pussy gripped my cock so much that I almost came too fast! I fucked her fat pussy from behind and missionary style until I unloaded a huge creampie inside of her!

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Evie Gets Her Pussy Licked And Squirts All Over

It's no secret that I love eating pussy! I do it for my own pleasure most of the time. I got Evie into my bed and licked her pussy until she couldn't resist sitting on my face and squirting all over it! My beard was soaked when she got done - and I fucking loved it!

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Evie Has Her MILF Pussy Filled With A Creampie

Evie decided to play with her pussy while waiting for me to get home to fuck her. She got herself so wet you can see it dripping out of her pussy while she was rubbing her clit. When I got home, she took down my pants and had my cock in her mouth almost immediately! It felt so good to feel her mouth wrapped around my cock after a stressful day at work! I fucked her from behind for a little bit, but her tight wet pussy felt so good that I couldn't hold my cum for very long! I flipped her over and literally pumped cum into her pussy - so much cum that every thrust pushed cum right back out and down over her asshole! It was so fucking hot and we definitely made a mess!

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MILF Evie Gets Fucked Outdoors At The Lake

Evie and I wanted to take advantage of the amazing weather and go spend some time on the lake. We found this amazing and secluded canyon that we could hike through. As we hiked through it, Evie decided to start giving me a public blow job. It turned her on so much that all she could think about was fucking. So we hiked a little more and found the most amazing spot where we could have sex. She gave me another blow job, then squirted so much before I fucked her doggystyle and gave her a huge creampie. All she wants to do now is find new places to go hiking - and have some public, outdoor sex!

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Sexy Petite MILF Lena Lotus Gets Creampied

Lena is the definition of the perfect MILF! She's new to porn but fucks like a seasoned pornstar! Watch this sexy, submissive slut suck, fuck and get one of the largest creampies I've ever dumped inside of a pussy! She was addicted to the orgasms my cock, buried deep inside her, gave her tight MILF pussy!

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GILF Cyndi Sinclair Gets Her Pussy Creampied

Cyndi is the true definition of a Cougar GILF! A granny who's sexy, fit and loves to fuck younger cock! Her blow job skills were fucking amazing - I guess that's what she gets for sucking so many cocks over all those years! She couldn't wait to sit on my cock though! She slid her very tight pussy all the way down and slowly rode every inch of it up and down! It didn't take me long before I dumped a huge load of cum into her pussy and, right after, she let it come back out all over my cock and balls!

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College Girl Isabelle Gets A Massive Creampie

Isabelle loves to fuck and creampies are her absolute favorite - but she's never done either on camera! She was so nervous to be on camera, but as soon as my cock was in her face, she forgot she was being recorded! She immediately starting sucking my cock which got her pussy extremely wet. Once we started fucking, she wanted all kinds of positions - doggy style, missionary and even reverse cowgirl! In the end, she wanted to be on top while I pumped her tight pussy full of cum. She loved every moment of it - including the HUGE waterfall of cum sliding out of her pussy and back onto my cock!

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